a small retrospective
fileundertragicomedy: Why is there no KINGS GIRLS merch?

we had tapes of the first ep (which was before i joined) but i think they’re all gone

we’re probably gonna put out the latest ep on something in the nearish future. maybe another cassette but hopefully something like a one sided 7”? i doubt we’ll ever have shirts or anything but ~who knows~

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talk to me i’m bored on my break @ work uuuuuggggg


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tru passionate skramz
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magic cups


i brew thunderstorms
not coffee
don’t touch my cup because
you may spill out
perfectly brewed grey little clouds
shooting down sparks of electricity
i am feeding straight to my stomach.
i steep the perfect storm
not too short
not too loud
just the right temperature.

there’s clouds in my cup
they’re mine to keep
one day you might learn
to brew the perfect cup, too

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Breagh Brown
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no moments are sacred
not even the solitary
for there is always the ghost
of someone
or something
standing right there behind you
tapping on your shoulder
silently whispering



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we found a space ship in Charlottetown

went and played a show on pei found a spacecraft 
king’s girls/soft spot tour 2014
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"It’s fucked up when we’re hiding certain parts of our lifestyles from certain friends. Let’s just get it all out in the open and try to be the same person in all situations."
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"Our lives are like a complex musical score, Tsukuru thought. Filled with all sorts of cryptic writing, sixteenth and thirty-second notes and other strange signs. It’s next to impossible to correctly interpret these, and even if you could, and then could transpose them into the correct sounds, there’s no guarantee that people would correctly understand, or appreciate, the meaning therein. No guarantee it would make people happy. Why must the workings of people’s lives be so convoluted?"

From Murakami’s Colorless Tsikuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

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atlas on fire

i’m trying to traverse the distance
between the place i am and
the place i want to be

(it’s hard when you don’t know
where you are
where you want to be)

i’m a cartographer with no tools,
i’m a lost balloon trying to touch god,
i’m forgotten bikes,
i’m broken a compass

no one can give me the maps i need
i’m having trouble making my own

scribble me a way
on a fast food napkin
give me a hint
in snow and ice

too many left turns
not enough rights

nothing is right

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